Cup Lids


Amhil Foldback Vented Hot Cup Lid - Black

Fits 12/16/20 oz paper hot cups.

Manufacturers Item #L316FB

Dart® Conex® Straw Slotted Lid

Use with: PXG30, 32P, PXG30W, 32PW.

Manufacturers Item #L32C

Solo® Cold Cup Dome Lid w/Hole - For 16 to 26 oz.

Clear with straw hole, PET.

Manufacturers Item #DLR626

Dart® Vented Lid For 3.5/4/6 oz. Foam Cups & Containers - White

Compatible with: 6J6, 3.5J6, 4J6. High impact polystyrene. Use with foam containers to ensure freshness of hot and cold foods. Prevent soggy foods with vented lid design. Reduce leaks and spills, lid creates a secure seal on foam cups.

Manufacturers Item #6JL

Dart® Translucent Vented Food Container Lid

Use with 32AJ32, 32TJ32, 44AJ32, 44TJ32, 60AJ32, 8SJ32, 16MJ32, 12B32.

Manufacturers Item #32JL

Dart® 48 oz. HIPS Plastic Vented Lid - Translucent

Use with foam containers to ensure freshness of hot and cold foods and prevent soggy foods with vented lid design. Vent allows steam to escape, reducing condensation in the container. Perfect for restaurant delivery or carryout, food trucks or delis. Compatible with: 24MJ48, 32MJ48.

Manufacturers Item #48JL

Dart® Clear Dome Lid

Use with 16CT, 20CT, 24C, 16K, 20N, 20K, 24TN.

Manufacturers Item #24LCD

Dart® 5-32 oz. OPS Plastic Dome Lid w/1.9" Hole - Clear

Use with plastic cups and avoid disappointing messes and spills and features a 1.9" hole at the top for straw and spoon access. Allows plenty of space for whipped cream and a cherry on top! Exceptional clarity and durability. A variety of compatible cups are sold separately. Compatible with: 32AJ20, 8SJ20, 12SJ20, 16MJ20, 5B20, 6B20, 8B20, 10B20. Compatible with: 32PW, 32P, 30AJ20, 32AC, RN32CB-K1038, 8B2, 32AJ20C, 32AJ20H. Compatible with: 32AJ20B, 32AU20, RNP32P-2050, RNP32P-J8000.

Manufacturers Item #20LCDH

Dart® Optima™ 12-24 oz. HIPS Reclosable Lid - White

Lid can be securely reclosed to ensure drinks are safe from spills while on the go. Avoid spills by topping hot drinks with this lid. Use at your coffee shop, cafeteria or drive-thru. There is plenty of room for whipped cream and foam topping on specialty drinks. Compatible with: 12J16, 14J16, 16J16, 20J16, 24J16, 12X16G, 16X16, 20X16, 24X16, 24U16. Compatible with: 12J16B, 12U16ESC, 16U16ESC, 20U16ESC, 24U16ESC, 12X16, 12U16. Compatible with: 16U16, 20U16, 12J16H, 16J16C, 16J16GRA, 16J16H, 16J16B,16X16G. Compatible with: 20J16C, 20J16H, 20J16B, 20X16G, 24J16C, 24J16H, 24J16B, 24X16G.

Manufacturers Item #16RCL

Solo® Dome Lid w/Hole For Ultra Clear™ Cups -9 to 20 oz

Tube/Case Quantity: 50/1000.

Manufacturers Item #DL662-0090

Solo® Lid For Ultra Clear™ PET Cup -Fits 9/12/16/20 oz.


Manufacturers Item #662TS-0090

Solo® Plastic Straw Slot Clear Lid for 32 oz.

Fits: 32 oz. Big Drink Cups. Tube/Case Quantity: 50/500.

Manufacturers Item #636TR-0001

Solo® Plastic Straw Slot Lid Fits 16, 24 oz.

Fits 16 oz, 24 oz., big drink cups. Also fits 5, 8, and 12 oz food container cups. Clear.

Manufacturers Item #626TS-0090

Dart® Conex Translucent Slotted - For 9C05, 12SN, 14N, 14K

Available in various sizes.

Dart® Conex® Classic Clear Cup Lids

Available dome and straw slotted. Snap tight lids fit securely to protect contents.

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Dart® Lift n' Lock™ Lids

Avoid spills and leaks by topping your hot drinks with the Lift n' Lock™ lid by Dart®. Material is HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). Use with foam cups and know that beverages are secure. The closed tab keeps your customers safe from spills and drinks protected from the outside world. The tab can simply be lifted and locked into its open position to keep it out of the way when beverages are ready to be enjoyed. A sanitary solution for on-the-go beverages everywhere, coffee shops, food trucks, offices or diners. Available in white or translucent.

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Dart® HIPS Translucent Straw Slotted Lids For Foam Cups

Use with foam cups to take cold beverages on the go! Easily identify contents thanks to the translucent material. HIPS, High Impact Polystyrene. Avoid spills by topping cold drinks with this straw-slotted lid. Beverage identification buttons make it easy to know what's in every cup.

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International Paper Domed/LG Opening Lid

Lids for cold cups designed to have a tight fit.

Solo® Polystyrene Food Container Lid - 12 oz.

Polystyrene lids are odorless, so they will not alter the taste of food. Raised, vented. White.

Solo® Translucent ID Straw Slot Lid-Fits 12/16/20/21/22 oz

Available in various sizes.

Solo® Traveler® Lid - 10/12/16/20/24 oz., Black

Single poly paper hot cup lids. Available in black, brown and white.

Solo® Vented Lids

For single poly paper hot cups. Tube/Case Quantity: 100/1000.

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