Cup Lids


Amhil Foldback Vented Hot Cup Lid - Black

Fits 12/16/20 oz paper hot cups.

Manufacturers Item #L316FB

Dart® Conex® Straw Slotted Lid

Use with: PXG30, 32P, PXG30W, 32PW.

Manufacturers Item #L32C

Solo® Cold Cup Dome Lid w/Hole - For 16 to 26 oz.

Clear with straw hole, PET.

Manufacturers Item #DLR626

Dart® Translucent Vented Food Container Lid

Use with 32AJ32, 32TJ32, 44AJ32, 44TJ32, 60AJ32, 8SJ32, 16MJ32, 12B32.

Manufacturers Item #32JL

Dart® Translucent Vented Food Container Lid

Use with 24MJ48, 32MJ48.

Manufacturers Item #48JL

Dart® Clear Dome Lid

Use with 16CT, 20CT, 24C, 16K, 20N, 20K, 24TN.

Manufacturers Item #24LCD

Dart® Clear Dome Lid w/Hole

Use with 32AJ20, 8SJ20, 12SJ20, 16MJ20, 5B20, 6B20, 8B20, 10B20.

Manufacturers Item #20LCDH

Dart® Optima™ Reclosable Lid - White

Use with 12J16, 14J16, 16J16, 20J16, 24J16, 12X16, 16X16, 20X16, 24X16. Locking post with side latches secures tab in open position. Contoured drinking area.

Manufacturers Item #16RCL

Solo® Dome Lid w/Hole For Ultra Clear™ Cups -9 to 20 oz

Tube/Case Quantity: 50/1000.

Manufacturers Item #DL662-0090

Solo® Lid For Ultra Clear™ PET Cup -Fits 9/12/16/20 oz.


Manufacturers Item #662TS-0090

Solo® Plastic Straw Slot Clear Lid for 32 oz.

Fits: 32 oz. Big Drink Cups. Tube/Case Quantity: 50/500.

Manufacturers Item #636TR-0001

Solo® Plastic Straw Slot Lid Fits 16, 24 oz.

Fits 16 oz, 24 oz., big drink cups. Also fits 5, 8, and 12 oz food container cups. Clear.

Manufacturers Item #626TS-0090

Dart® Conex Translucent Slotted - For 9C05, 12SN, 14N, 14K

Available in various sizes.

Dart® Conex® Classic Clear Cup Lids

Available dome and straw slotted. Snap tight lids fit securely to protect contents.

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Dart® Lift n' Lock™ Lids

Closing tab helps avoid spills. Great for coffee, soft drinks, shakes, juice, tea, or water. Available in white or translucent.

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Dart® Translucent Straw Slotted Lids

Available to fit all Dart cups.

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Dart® White Vented Lid For 3.5, 4, 6 oz.

Available for 6 oz. to 12 oz. cups.

International Paper Domed/LG Opening Lid

Lids for cold cups designed to have a tight fit.

Solo® Polystyrene Food Container Lid - 12 oz.

Polystyrene lids are odorless, so they will not alter the taste of food. Raised, vented. White.

Solo® Translucent ID Straw Slot Lid-Fits 12/16/20/21/22 oz

Available in various sizes.

Solo® Traveler® Lid - 10/12/16/20/24 oz., Black

Single poly paper hot cup lids. Available in black, brown and white.

Solo® Vented Lids

For single poly paper hot cups. Tube/Case Quantity: 100/1000.

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