Plastic Clear Cups


Dart® Conex ClearPro® Clear Pedestal Cup - 32 oz.

Perfect for many different applications including fountain beverages, iced coffees, and smoothies. Pair with a dome lid to create grab n go items such as salads and donut holes. Use lid: L32C, L32SL, 20LCDH.

Cut Crystal™ Plastic Tumblers

Available in 5 oz to 12 oz. Design: Clear.

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Dart® Conex ClearPro™ Polypropylene Cups

Enhance product presentation and increase impulse sales with sparkling clarity! Polypropylene plastic is durable and crack-resistant. One lid size fits 12P, 16P, 20P, and 24P reducing storage requirements for lids. Rolled rim provides a comfortable rim to drink from while providing a secure lid fit. Use lid: L24C, 24LCD, 24LCDH.

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Solo® Ultra Clear™ PETE Cups

Superb clarity and crack resistance for a high-end look and feel. Easily recyclable, they also feature excellent taste and odor integrity.

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