Plastic Medium Weight Cutlery


Dart® Style Setter® Medium Wt. Cutlery - Teaspoon, White

The perfect companion to Dart dinnerware is our Style Setter® medium weight plastic cutlery. Each piece is carefully engineered for ideal size, balance, and strength. Made of unbreakable polypropylene to ensure confidence in use. Non-Oriented Bulk.

Solo® White Medium-Weight Polystyrene Cutlery - Soup Spoon

From cutting through a deluxe deli sandwich, to spearing grilled satay skewers, medium weight cutlery stands up to the test, beautifully. 1000 per case, oriented bulk.

Solo® Regal™ White Cutlery

Medium-weight and larger size is perfect for takeout dishes and steam-table catering functions. Bulk Dense Pack.

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